Over 30 years of combined experience.
We bring utilities to their destinations.
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Action Directional Boring

The Parent Company's primary business activity is to provide installation and maintenance services for underground utility infrastructure networks. We underline this with three promises:
• We work on time
• We work safely and with respect for the
• Safety is our Number One Priority!
• H&B has a zero-accident philosophy
• We work in partnership to increase safety awareness
• H&B provides a safe working environment and will only be satisfied when we meet our business enablers without hurting people.
• We are a transparent partner
• Meticulous site planning
• Verification process with GPR and Potholing
• Accurate previous bore planning on Bore Planner
• Execute jobs with the best available equipment
and monitor the bore's real-time progress
• Careful selection of adequate drilling fluids
• Highly and continuously trained crew
• Job debriefing and proper documentation of executed work by generating a completed survey or as-built report, including GPS coordinates
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