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Action Directional Boring

Action Directional Boring is a Company with offices in Florida, Oregon and Washington State, that offers high quality installation services for telecommunications, water and sewer, gas and other utility networks.

Action Directional Boring potential customers include major utility companies and contractors as well as public entities such as Cities. Major companies in the local market include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, Windstream, and FPL FiberNet. The transmission cable installation and maintenance market is currently booming. This is mostly due to demand outweighing the current capacity of the current available network capacity. Another reason is that these networks are aging and becoming obsolete, meaning that they require replacement cables and equipment at each termination or junction point along the installation route. Action Directional Boring believes that right now is a perfect time to launch operations in the market, and is confident that it can effectively capture a significant share of the market. Action Directional Boring is aimed to become a trusted underground construction contractor and preferred business.

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